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'It’s not the destination but the journey... - a statement singer/songwriter Gareth Nugent lives by. 

Born and raised in Dublin, you'll often find him performing in his home town, a city buzzing with music on every street corner. 
Gareth is an ex pupil of Mount Temple School, known for its musical and creative influences. 

His dream of writing and performing took him to London in his early 20’s, where he landed a role in ”Elvis The Musical” on multiple West End stages. Three weeks into the show, he took over the lead as the King himself, a role he played for 18 months. 
Gareth continued to work consistently in the West End but his true passion was writing and singing his own songs. 

Playing in bars and clubs all across the UK, Scotland and Wales, his performances have taken him to most of Europe and the USA.


Gareth is driven by passion for songs that tell a story or paint a picture. He has a fondness for country music but not just in its most classic form.For him it’s all about the melody, hooks and lyrics as Gareth himself explains. ”I’m not saying I’m country and I’m not saying I’m not, but if country music was a house, you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking.”  


Gareth has been nominated for two British Country Music Awards for Best Male Vocalist and Horizon Artist. His musical influences range from The Eagles, Keith Urban, Neil Diamond, Garth Brooks, Bryan Adams to John Denver.

"Cowboy Blues" is the first in a series of releases from Gareth in 2023-2024. 




Genre: Country, country rock, singer songwriter

Composer: Gareth Nugent

Producer: Amir Aly

Mixing: Amir Aly

Recording studio: Yla Studio

Mastering: Björn Engelmann, Cuttingroom
UPC: 197189021312
ISRC: SE6KT2300201
Release date: June 9, 2023

Distribution: Bare Knuckle Records/The Orchard

PR contact:

PRESS PIX (credit: Sune Grabbe)  


Gareth Nugent - Cowboy Blues Cover-1.jpg
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